Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

A Venus Flytrap closes when two of its hairs are contacted inside of a 20-second time span.

Much like a Venus Flytrap, which does not pursue its prey, but attracts it, inbound marketing, the new methodology for online marketing, focuses on drawing prospective customers to you. It is the complete opposite of the traditional method of outbound marketing, which is to solicit prospective customers by sending e-mails, direct mail, or other forms of advertising. The theory behind inbound marketing is that in the new age of social media, people no longer want to be bothered by companies sending them offers, deals, or advertising pitches. Instead, they prefer to look for information, and places on the internet, where they learn, acquire and share information. By making your website a hub of information and engagement, you attract visitors who can become leads, and then customers. Content marketing plays a major role in the inbound marketing program, through the development of blogs, info guides, newsletters, informational videos, etc, on your site, to attract and engage prospective customers.

The main ways in which Alena will attract prospective customers to your site are:

  • writing blogs about your products and services and all related subjects, that will attract interest from prospective customers looking for information
  • conducting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – ensure your website incorporates keywords most often entered in Google when searching for the products and services you offer, and build relevant links throughout your site
  • creating informational pages for your website that will be of interest to prospective clients
  • publishing often on the various social networks with links back to strategically developed landing pages on your website

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