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Octopuses intelligence is amazing. Their brain is formed by 500 million large neurons (the human brain contains about 100 billion smaller neurons). Some scientists believe they are aliens.

Content marketing is the idea of being a thought leader in your industry, and even beyond. It’s radically different from traditional ‘sales-pitch’ marketing that is almost entirely ignored in the new age of social media. It’s the long-term, forward-thinking strategy of creating an audience, with leading edge thoughts and ideas, and sharing information, to establish your company as a valued and reliable source among your industry peers. In this way, when the time comes that someone is shopping for the product or service you provide, they will think of you as a trusted and knowledgeable resource, and make the transition from becoming a member of your audience to your customer.

Some examples of content marketing are:

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Info guides
  • Informational videos
  • Offer daily industry tips (eg. food business can offer a daily recipe or food education)
  • Create a portal to allow visitors who create and account to contribute their thoughts and opinions on a variety of subjects, or share stories relating to your industry
  • Hold contests such as photography, cooking, writing, etc that tie into your industry

The above are just a few ideas for which Alena can create content, and broaden for you, so you can build your own audience of prospective future customers.

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