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In the digital age, what and how you choose to communicate is more critical than ever. You simply can’t take things back anymore. A few bad decisions about what to post on your website, or on social media, could cost you your business. Your brand is everything.

Brand or be branded. If you don’t manage your brand, others will, and you won’t like the results. Successful companies aren’t just businesses. They’re brands. In fact, to consumers they are brands, first.

So, what’s a brand? A brand reflects a company’s values, business and social. People like to buy from companies to whom they can relate, because whether they realize it or not, people express their values through the products and services they use. The people who only drive German automobiles, and those who only buy domestic, are both expressing their values.

Today, with the internet, and especially social media, the importance of managing your brand has never been greater. Successful companies take great care in the development and management of their corporate brand. If you don’t manage yours, others will, and you won’t like the results.

Alena Design will manage your brand to ensure you are communicating the right message to your desired target market, through all suitable advertising mediums, at the appropriate intervals, and you will like the results.


Alena offers a full range of services.

Brand Identity

There is so much more to a logo than an appealing graphic. It isn’t something cold and impersonal you can buy off a shelf, ready-made.

Visual Content Marketing

Content marketing is the idea of being a thought leader in your industry, and even beyond. It’s radically different from traditional ‘sales-pitch’ marketing.

Web Design

Your website should not be designed to attract only people who are ready to make a buying decision now; it should attract anyone who qualifies as a prospective future customer.

Managing Social Media

Alena possesses the knowledge and expertise to know where you need to be within the social media universe.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Well-conducted market research will generate vital data that will be the source for your strategic marketing plan.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the new methodology for online marketing. It focuses on drawing prospective customers to you, rather than outbound marketing.


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